Geothermal energy is the use of geothermal sources for energy production.Because geothermal energy needs water to create steam and then move the generators, the problems have arisen in the past with the rapid decline of aquifers and water sources. Because of this there have been concerns about the cost, risk, and complexity of the examination.

The Colombian Institute of Electric Power and the Latin American Energy Organization has identified three areas for geothermal potential: i) Azufral in the department of Nariño, where the volcano is located Azufral and there seems to be a high temperature reservoir, ii) Tufiño black-Cerro, between Colombia and Ecuador, where the Chiles volcano is located on a magnetic chamber of 5-10 km depth at temperatures between 220 ° and 230 ° C, optimal temperatures for use in geothermal energy, and iii) Paipa, located in the Cordillera Oriental in Boyacá, where the sedimentary rocks and the magma at a depth of about 5 kilometers (Perez and Osorio 2002). In addition to these locations, an area in the Ruiz-Tolima Volcanic Massif looks promising and research is planned by the company INGEOMINAS.

The total potential and renewable energy region in the country is something that still needs to be analyzed in detail.

Potential major sources of geothermal energy in Colombia
Area Department Potential
Chiles-Cerro Black Nariño High
Azufral of Túqueres Nariño High
Doña Juana Nariño Unknown
Sotará Group Cauca Unknown
Puracé Cauca Unknown
Machía Huila High
Cerro Bravo Nariño High
Nevado del Ruiz-Santa Isabel Caldas High
Cerro Spain Caldas High
Machía Huila High

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